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'Gemma is an incredible guide. At the Rijksmuseum she was able to reveal the history of women in the 17th century with great detail based on extensive research. I highly recommend her tours - it will greatly enrich your journey!'
- Ginger

'Gemma knows - as a historian - how to depict a complete picture of the Jordaan neighborhood in 2 hours. Her tour is, in terms of the Lonely Planet Guide, 'jaw dropping'. Unknown details are interspersed with witty stories. I say it’s a must!'
- Froukje Hijink

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My name is Gemma and I’m happy to be your guide in Amsterdam. I have lived in the Jordaan for years and know the city by heart. I am a historian with broad historical and art historical knowledge. I am also a certified national guide and member of Guidor, the Dutch Guide Organization.

My passion is to tell stories about Amsterdam and the people who have shaped this city. Supported by maps, photographs, buildings and monuments, the past comes alive on my tours.  Wherever possible I extend the topic to the present. My tours center around major issues such as entrepreneurship, migration and tolerance. But always in a light tone, with a keen eye on striking details. My specialty is the history of our Republic in the 16th and 17th century. In my stories much attention is given to the contribution of women to the development of the Republic during that golden era.

In order to ensure that we can have a real conversation with each other, I keep my groups small.  

'Gemma is a fun and knowledgeable tour guide providing a clear understanding of Amsterdam’s history. We went to real nice areas that you would not explore with a standard canal tour. If you really want to understand and see the nice places of Amsterdam, don’t hesitate and book a trip with Gemma!'
- Richard

'Thank you for being such a magnificent guide around your rich and beautiful city!'
- David

'Gemma was incredibly knowledgeable and catered the tour to our specific interests without hesitation. I have been to Amsterdam many times but everything I learned was new information. There is no better way to experience Amsterdam's history than with Gemma's history tours!'
- Beck

'We were thrilled with yesterday’s events! Thank you so much for tending to all the details and ‘specials’. They were a total hit with us.'
- Dirk

'We really appreciated the time you took to prepare for the tour and the research you did to make it a great day. We would recommend you to anyone wanting to spend an interesting and enjoyable day exploring the countryside and the Netherland’s history.'
- Jonas & Evelyn

'A peak experience!'
- Herman